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MindSet 2022



MindSet is an annual panel discussion which brings together experts from different parts of the world in order to debate about scientific topics of current social impact. We work hard all year to find the right topic and invite only the best experts on their fields to start a public debate on pressing topics that need our attention. It’s a free event open to everyone, and our audience is always encouraged to be very interactive with the panelists.


Inform. Inspire. Initiate. That is Mindset – our new event series.

MindSet 2022: Care for the rare - a debate on ethical and societal challenges



Rare diseases by definition affect only very few people in the overall population. That does not mean that there is a smaller need for research, drug development and therapy options. Yet it is known that exactly these things are often neglected for rare diseases. Recurring explanations for this are e.g. the high costs of drug development for a low number of patients. To what extent are society and companies responsible for the expansion of research and development in this field? Additionally if prices for existing treatments are very high the question arises who will pay for them. This year`s panel discussion aims to examine and consult these and many more complex questions related.

To represent different perspectives on this intricate issue we invited four panelists, all experts in their fields:

Dr. Sebastian Wäscher represents the ethical perspective in the context of the impact on patients and their relatives.

Dr. Jasmin Barman-Aksözen is a scientist and a rare-disease patient and will hence cover both perspectives.

Dr. Orestis Briasoulis who works at the pharmaceutical company Idorsia as the global medical lead, will provide the perspective of the pharma industry.

The perspective of health insurances will be advocated by Martina Weiss-Radtke, head of negotiation/reimbursement pharmaceuticals at Helsana Insurance AG.


To join the event at ETH (HG E5) on 6th October at 6 pm please Sign Up Here


Before the event you can already fill in our survey and have the chance to win a 50 CHF Orell Füssli voucher: Mindset Survey


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