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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

MindSet 2020


MindSet is an annual panel discussion which brings together experts from different parts of the world in order to debate about scientific topics of current social impact. We work hard all year to find the right topic and invite only the best experts on their fields to start a public debate on pressing topics that need our attention. It’s a free event open to everyone, and our audience is always encouraged to be very interactive with the panelists.


Inform. Inspire. Initiate. That is Mindset – our new event series.

MindSet 2020: Psychedelics- Therapy of the Future?


An increasing number of clinical research shows that psychedelic drugs could be very effective in therapy of PTSD or depression, which are major pressing psychiatric disorders. Despite these promising results, LSD or psilocybin have a very controversial, even infamous, reputation. Outlawed in the 1970s due to concerns over drug abuse, they remained in the shadows of the medical world until now. Is it time to bring psychedelics to the therapeutic spotlight? This and more will be discussed with our panel of experts during our annual MindSet panel discussion on Oct 8th, 6:30pm at UZH!


If you missed our MindSet panel discussion, watch the debate now and get insights on how psychedelics could be the therapy of the future!

Check out the video of the event here

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