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MindSet 2018 - Blockchain in Research and Healthcare


MindSet is an event series created to highlight current social and scientific issues in today’s society.

Inform. Inspire. Initiate. That is Mindset – our new event series.

MindSet 2018: Blockchain in Research and Healthcare

A MindSet panel discussion integrated in 100 ways of thinking science.


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Blockchain is the technology behind virtual currencies, whose popularity has peaked at the end of 2017. Now that the hype is over, we will step back and think about other ways of using blockchain.

Together with a group of experts, we will discuss the possible applications of blockchain in scientific research and healthcare.

Currently, blockchain can already be used in research for data storage, traceability, and health data collection, amongst others. But how likely is it that this technology will be adopted globally and revolutionise the future? Are we, as society, prepared for this technology or will we have to make some changes? What about our health or research data, will it be kept secure at all times? Who will own “the chain”: governments or private institutions?

Post-event update:

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