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MindSet 2019: Food revolution: feeding the future

Mindset 2019

Over the last few years the number of new food alternatives and diets has skyrocketed: ranging from tasty meat replacements made with plants, algae or insects, to genuine beef burgers grown in labs; from “super meals” that include all needed nutrients in just one shake to microbiota-tailored diets.

Together with a group of experts, we want to discuss different aspects of our present food revolution. Are these alternatives healthier than the “traditional” food we are accustomed to eat? Does this shift have a meaningful positive impact on the environment? Is it the hype or the benefits, that drive consumers to accept them?

Listen to what our experts think and join the discussion at our fifth Mindset event.


  • Dr. Angela Bearth: Sr. Researcher at ETH Zurich, The Consumer Behavior Group (D-HEST)
  • Dr. Alexander Mathys: Professor at ETH Zurich, Head of The Sustainable Food Processing Group
  • Ms. Sandra Mikhail: Founder & Director of Nutrition A-Z & Co-founder of The Wellbeing Hub
  • Dr. Lukas Böni: Co-Founder of Planted

No registration required.
When: October 17th at 18:00h
Where: Room HG E1.2 at the ETH Zurich Zentrum.