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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

Mindset 2015 - The Digital Health Revolution

Inform. Inspire. Initiate. That is Mindset – our new event series.

MindSet is an event series created to highlight current social and scientific issues in today’s society. The first panel discussion will focus on the digital health revolution.

Health data is growing with new diagnostics, data analysis software and big data management systems. But what is possible with this data? What is the value of this new data and which challenges as well as business opportunities arise from it? How can it help society and what are the ethical and legal consequences?

The inaugural Mindset event was held June 18th, 2015 at the ETH.

If you missed Mindset, don't worry!

See photos & watch the Mindset video!

Once again, we would like to thank our expert panelists:

When? June 18th 2015, 17:00

Where? Graphische Sammlung ETH, Rämistrasse 101, Zurich, Switzerland

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