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Mindset 2016 - Healing the Genome


MindSet is an event series created to highlight current social and scientific issues in today’s society.

Inform. Inspire. Initiate. That is Mindset – our new event series.

Mindset 2016: Healing the genome – The ascent of designer humans

Many gene therapy trials have been initiated in the past 2 decades and gene therapies are becoming increasingly promising due to revolutionary advances in gene editing technologies. But what is possible with these technologies? What are the challenges and pitfalls? What is allowed and ethically justified? Is there a legal framework to support these new technologies?

Listen to what our experts think and join the discussion at our second Mindset event on June 8th 17h at Aula RAA G01 at the UZH center.

We proudly present our expert panel:

• Prof. Martin Jinek, Biochemistry University of Zurich, Co-discoverer of CRISPR-CAS9
• Dr. Tanja Krones, Clinical Ethics Committee University hospital Zurich
• Prof. Pascal Meylan, Microbiology University of Lausanne, Former chair SECB (Swiss Expert Committee for Biosafety)
• Jörn Aldag, Chairman Molecular Partners AG (CH), Member of the board of Directors Unum Therapeutics Inc. (USA), Serial entrepreneur biotechnology and gene therapy


Collage of Mindset 2016

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