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Job portals

There's a lot of information on the internet about finding a job, building a career, and even just finishing a PhD. But unless you plan on completing another PhD on finding a job, you can't know it all.

On this page we've tried to build a compendium of links for job and career related websites, services and documents, relevant to the average life science graduate student.

Use it as a resource to start your search, send it to your friends to help them out, share it on social media, however it can be useful, go nuts! If you find something in your own search that you want to share with the larger community and it's not here already, let us know!



NewScientist Jobs- worldwide job listings in science

Nobel Jobs- worldwide filterable academic & research job search database


Academic European career network for Academics, Researchers and Scientists

EuroScience Jobs- european job listings in science

SiROP job portal - run by students, for students to find projects; bachelor to post doc levels

EU research jobs - the EU commission gives grants, and these are positions open on them - jobs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Sire Life Sciences - Life science job portal for Europe.


ETH Get Hired - Official ETH job portal

Euraxess Open positions available at all Swiss Universities

myScience- The Swiss Portal for Research and Innovation

Jobs In Zurich- Job portal focussing on english jobs available in the Zurich area (also available for Geneva)

Indeed - Indeed job portal for Life Science - Swiss job portal 

Career Advice

UZH Career Services - Career advisory services in German and English for UZH students
ETH Career Center - Career advisory services in German and English for ETH students, including job listings

Bioscience Careers- Life Science career advice blog curated by an academic career specialist (including an extensive list of job search links)


Glassdoor - anonymous employer/company reviews by employees who work there, plus job ads

Marktplatz für UZH und ETH