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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

About us

The Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network (LSZYSN) is a non-profit organization managed by graduate students & post-docs of the University and the ETH Zurich. It was created by fusion of the Swiss branch of the Young European Biotech Network and the Life Science Zurich Biotech Network. It is a unit of Life Science Zurich, a joint initiative of UZH and ETH aiming to promote excellence in life sciences in Switzerland, and its main mission is to reduce the existing gap between academic research and the life science industry, in its broader sense. To achieve this the LSZYSN is engaged in a wide range of activities aiming to build sustainable relationships with companies operating in the life sciences/healthcare sphere and to promote networking. In addition to that the LSZYSN is committed to providing a collection of industry-related resources and to hosting events to allow its members to explore the world of biotechnology and to stimulate constructive interactions between people from various life science sectors. We envision that our efforts will contribute to the formation of a well-informed, competitively skilled and well-connected local and global life science community.


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