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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

MindSet 2023

MindSet is an annual panel discussion which brings together experts from different parts of the world in order to debate about scientific topics of current social impact. We work hard all year to find the right topic and invite only the best experts on their fields to start a public debate on pressing topics that need our attention. It’s a free event open to everyone, and our audience is always encouraged to be very interactive with the panelists.

MindSet 2023: The AI Doctor - Medical Innovation or Existential Risk?

Mindset poster

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, especially with the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to act as a medical practitioner. This has excited many but has also brought about much apprehension. We invite you to join us in our upcoming panel discussion: “The AI Doctor - Medical Innovation or Existential Risk?”

The integration of AI into medical sciences raises many complex questions. While the potential for groundbreaking medical advancements is undeniable, the ethical, societal, and existential implications must also be carefully considered. AI-driven diagnoses and treatments promise unparalleled precision but what safeguards must be implemented to prevent unforeseen risks? Much like exploring uncharted territories demands thorough preparation, the responsible development and deployment of AI in medicine necessitate conscientious attention.
As we convene to unravel the multifaceted implications of “The AI Doctor,” we aim to foster a holistic understanding of this revolutionary paradigm. Join us for a riveting discussion that transcends traditional boundaries and confronts the pivotal question: Is AI a beacon of medical progress or a harbinger of unprecedented challenges?
Our panel, comprised of four distinguished experts, promises a diverse range of insights:

Dalith Steiger is a serial entrepreneur, a keynote speaker and  an influencer in AI and represents the political and ethical perspective of using AI in healthcare.

Ira Ktena works as a researcher for Google DeepMind and will represent the commercial developer of AI Tools in this discussion.

Conrad Eric Müller is a trained physician and now works as a consultant for patient home medical monitoring. His experience will cover the patient perspective of this discussion.

Enkelejda Miho is a professor for Digital Life Science and will be there to cover aspects of academic research regarding AI in healthcare.

To join the event at University Zürich, Irchel Campus (Y16-G05) on 12th October at 6 pm please sign up here:

Before the event you can already fill in our survey and have the chance to win a 50 CHF Orell Füssli voucher: 


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