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02-11-2018 - Tec4Life Students Summit, Basel Campus of Roche

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At our career chat events employees of a variety of different types of companies share their career experience; from studying to where they are now. Come learn from the first hand experience of successful life scientists! 


Our past event: 02.11.2018 Tec4Life Students Summit, Basel Campus of Roche

Are you wondering what role cutting-edge information technology plays in leading innovation in big pharmaceutical companies? How these technologies are being integrated in treatment discovery and development? And how they can make a difference to patients?

About the workshop.

This Summit will give you a unique opportunity to discover how Technology drives innovation to improve patients’ lives in one of the world-leading Pharmaceutical companies.

A little overview of the Program:

- Keynote address by Dr. Alan Hippe, Roche’s Chief Financial and IT Officer

- Several Panel discussions on data digitalisation in industry, Machine Learning, AI and World of IT@Roche

- Insights into “Advanced Cell Models & Organs on Chips for Drug Development” - Networking lunch with Roche colleagues from various IT related backgrounds including bioinformatics, digital sciences, and data science

Date: Friday, November 2nd 2018

Departure: 7:00 am from ETH Zurich (meeting point tbd)

Return: arrival in Zurich around 19:00

Location: Basel Campus of Roche

Link for applications:

Registration: open from 9:00 am October 16th– October 26th


Tec4Life Students Summit, Roche

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