02-03-2017 - Merck

See how and where a company works


The Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network (LSZYSN) would like to invite you to visit Merck (former Sigma-Aldrich) in Buchs on March 2nd.

Flyer - Merck Company visit

Merck is one of the leading science and technology companies, which acquired Sigma-Aldrich in 2015. As the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company, Merck never ceased to develop and manufacture innovative medical products for patients. This particular visit will focus especially on the research and development department of organic and analytical chemistry as well as its quality control. By joining our event you will not only have the unique opportunity to visit the labs of Merck, but also to hear more about working there. The day will be concluded with an aperitif, giving you the chance to both network and interact with scientists in addition to getting all your questions about this renowned company answered.

Do not miss your chance to visit Merck with us!

The most important information about this event are as follows:

-       Date: Thursday, March 2nd

-       Departure: 11:20 Zürich HB Treffpunkt

-       Return: Around 19:30

Registration: open from 10am February 10th. To register please go to www.cvreg.lszysn.ch

This event is limited to 20 participants!

Registration fee: 25 CHF

We look forward to seeing you!