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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

06-2014 - McKinsey

Evangelos Athanassiou, PhD and Engagement Manager at McKinsey, will tell you why your most rewarding career choice might not be what you would expect.

WHEN: Thursday June 5th, 2014   5:30pm

WHERE:  University of Zurich, Irchel Campus Y15 G19

McKinsey & Company is the world’s leading strategic management firm. But you don’t need a business background to work for us! Our consultants have a wide range of academic backgrounds, personal stories, and passions. Indeed, a number of our people are physicians or PhDs who started their professional career in a medical clinic or research lab before joining us.
Want to know what McKinsey can offer life-sciences graduates?
We can offer many fascinating opportunities for life-sciences graduates, such as working on R&D or marketing issues in the pharmaceuticals industry or, maybe, developing a healthcare strategy for an entire nation. Consulting with McKinsey is a real “hands on” learning environment to grow and expand your knowledge and experience. And, we’re a dynamic network of diverse and highly motivated colleagues with a shared set of values and high professional standards.

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