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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

Reza Naghavian

Reza Naghavian, M.Sc.

  • Former active member

Reza obtained his Masters in Cell&Molecular Biology in 2014 at Iran. His research was partly funded by Royan Institute of Stem Cell Biology working on various
aspects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) disease. After his graduation and as a member of
Iran National Elite Foundation (INEF), he had the chance to do a lot of good science
on MS working on direct conversion of glial cells in vitro and brain of demyelinated
mouse models in vivo in order to obtain functional myelinating cells. Starting 2018,
Reza started his PhD at department of Health Science and Technology, ETH, in the
group of Prof. Dr. Ristow. His research is mainly focused on investigating the mechanisms of Aging and aging related disorders. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking and photography.