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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

Daniela Lorizio

Daniela Lorizio, PhD

  • Former Active Member

Daniela studied Medical Biotechnologies during her bachelor and master, with a special interest for the use of nanotechnologies in cancer therapies. During her master thesis she focused her studies on exploring molecular pathways potentially responsible for cancer stem cell maintenance in breast cancer (at L.N.C.I.B in Trieste). Enthusiastic of this experience, she joined the Barts Cancer Institute in London for an internship, where she achieved the generation of CAR-T cells specific for pancreatic cancer stem cells. Following the same interest and passion, she is now working on her PhD project to identify novel potential immunotherapies for the treatment of glioblastoma (in Prof. Weller’s lab, at the University Hospital Zurich). In her spare time she loves dancing, hiking, travelling and photography. Recently she joined LSZYSN to experience a challenging environment where she can leave her comfort zone and improve her team-working attitude and shyness, in order to help academic people like her to get closer to the industry world.