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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

Career Mentoring Program

Career Mentoring Program – The Bridge from Academia to Industry

The Career Mentoring Program is a collaboration between researchers of ETH/University of Zurich and industry. It brings together professionals from life science companies (mentors) and PhD students/PostDocs (mentees). Mentors from a diverse range of positions will share their personal experiences and insights from an industry environment while also guiding early career scientists in finding their path in the world of business, science and global corporations. Mentees will get the opportunity to learn about the internal structure, projects and entry-level positions of the company and what requirements are necessary to pursue certain careers.

In One-On-One Mentoring, mentors accompany mentees over a period of several months with the potential of building a strong and holistic mentoring relationship. Mentees will get an in-depth look at career prospects in the world beyond academia.


For companies

Join the Career Mentoring Program and get in touch with highly talented and ambitious PhD students and PostDocs from ETH and the University of Zurich. Build a strong network with young researchers who wish to transition from academia to industry. The Career Mentoring Program is a great employer branding opportunity for life science companies since it offers high exposure through advertisement at ETH/University of Zurich as well as on the LSZYSN social media channels and website. Mentors get the opportunity to further their leadership and management skills. The program is guided but flexible enough to meet the needs of busy professionals. Share your professional passion with highly motivated students and establish mutually beneficial connections.


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If you represent a company and want to participate in our program, please send an email to: