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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

Success story: How LSZYSN can help to find a job!

Success story: Tanja Matt, a member of the Young Scientist Network found her new job during ZLSD 2013

Not only as a co-organizer of the ZLSD 2013 I consider the event on February 12th as a great success, but also from my personal point of view the event was an amazing triumph. Meeting Hutman Diagnostics AG, one of the company exhibitors, opened a brand new opportunity in my professional life. During the Life Science Day I approached the company representatives with the intension to communicate my availability on the job market from April on. I introduced myself, explained my background and the position I am looking for. The company’s products awakened my interest and I asked questions regarding the item and the company itself. I had the impression this would be a perfect match and this is what I communicated. I immediately applied the day after and eventually got the job! Today I am working for Hutman Diagnostics AG in Basel as a project and product manager. I would like to thank the YSN team for such an enriching event and especially for their efforts to acquire new company exhibitors. The participants of YSN events I want to encourage:  talk to the company representatives, be open, show interest, explain what you are good at and clearly communicate what you are looking for. And you might have a very good chance of getting your dream position like I did. Good luck