Registration vZLSD21

When: Thursday 4th January 2021

Where: online


Online registration: Expected to open on the 1st of November 2020 at 9am.

Deadline online registration: Thursday 4th February 2021 at the day of the event

FREE registration for everyone until the day of the event.


Online registration for SUB-EVENTS are available during the whole day at the virtual booths.


Take note:

Sub-events comprise CV checks, one-on-one meetings or a professional photo shoot. Because at LSZYSN we know a good CV photo is very important for your future, we offer you a 50% discount. Take CV photos for only 25 CHF! Book your slot at the CV photos booth. CV checks and one-on-one meetings are free of charge.


Slots may be booked out in a matter of hours on the day, so be quick. If you are unable to get your desired appointment, keep an eye out for cancellations. Please plan your day accordingly and consider the times of the talks you wish to attend when placing your booking.