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Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network

Bench to Business 2016

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The Life Science Zurich, Young Scientist Network has organised a specially designed workshop to inspire you as life scientists to develop and potentially commercialise your own ideas. "Bench to Business" workshop will feature three experts in biotech entrepreneurship and will provide accepted applicants with hands on experience in idea evaluation, business model development and pitching to investors.

This year, our speakers include: Michael Dillhyon (founder of Healthbank, co-founder of YouBase), Lothar à Brassard (CEO of Chemagen, acquired by PerkinElmer in 2011), and Joern Aldag (CEO of Hookipa Biotech AG, and chairman of Molecular Partners).

Each evening will consist of a personal introduction from the speaker where they will discuss what they have learned in their path to success, followed by a group based activity session designed to stretch your entrepreneurial muscles.

Michael Dillhyon

Day 1 - Tuesday 11th October with Michael Dillhyon: Great ideas and how to recognise them

Lothar A Brassard

Day 2 - Thursday 13th October with Lothar à Brassard: Writing an award winning business plan

Jorn Aldag

Day 3 - Thursday 20th October with Joern Aldag: Growing a company and possible exit strategies

Days 1 and 2 will have light refreshments after the workshop and the final day will be concluded with an apero.


You can read more about previous B2B seminars below

The Bench to Business team started as a collaboration between the YSN and the ETH Entrepreneur Club in 2014 to promote entrepreneurship in the life science area.
The workshop aimed at getting PhD, Post-Docs, and Master students of the life sciences interested in basics of business development via interactive case studies proposed by established entrepreneurs, venture capitalist and/or similar. Participants got confronted to real-life cases that the speakers were involved in and got to remake their important decisions in a “parallel universe” setting before learning about the real life outcome. It was intended as a low workload, high learning value, discovery event
for the curious.


The first event was a big success with over 40 applications and 20 selected participants for the 3-day workshop. The prominent speakers were Michael Dillhyon, Rodger Novak and Dragan Grabulovski.

Weiterführende Informationen

Registration is open now! Please complete the form fully and we will let you know if you have been accepted in the next couple of days.

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