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Lisa Dietsche

Lisa Dietsche, M.Sc

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Meet Lisa, her professional career started with a Bachelor degree in Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. At the University of Konstanz she then performed master studies in Biological Sciences with a focus on human disease biology, pharmacology and toxicology. During that time she went for 6 months to Basel for an industrial internship at Roche, working on drug metabolizing enzymes in biocatalysis. For her master thesis she stayed at Roche but moved to the molecular targeted therapy group in the Research and Early Development department. The thesis project covered investigations on spatial and temporal dynamics of targeted degradation of oncogenic proteins using PROTACs. Intrigued by the field of cancer research she decided to move to Zurich and join the Life Science Zurich Graduate School to perform a PhD in the Cancer Biology program. She now works on uncovering disease mechanisms and cancer immunotherapy approaches in hematopoietic diseases such as AML in the Experimental Hematology group of PD Dr. Theocharides at the Clinic for Medical Oncology and Hematology of the University Hospital Zurich.
In her free time she enjoys doing sports like HIIT, volleyball, biking and wintersports or going out to explore cities and new places. She is most happy when she can do all these things together with friends and family. And last but not least she loves to cuddle with her cat.